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Be Prepared For When Disaster Strikes, Create A Business Continuity Plan With CTO Networks

When faced with a disaster, natural or otherwise, downtime is as inevitable as the disaster is itself. Interruptions caused by virus infections, power outages, floods, or simply human error can leave your company waiting for hours without access to your data or applications. These costly interruptions can be avoided. CTO Networks offers industry-leading disaster recovery solutions so you can prepare for the unavoidable. We’ll help you make a plan for before, during, and after disastrous events to decrease your downtime.

Don’t get caught off guard by disasters, partner with CTO Networks to manage your business continuity. Give us a call at (214) 793-0356 or send an email to to find out more on how CTO Networks can give you the business continuity your company needs.

CTO Networks works with you to find the best business continuity solutions to match your company’s size and operation. We collaborate with Storagecraft, Cloudberry, and Amazon Web Services to provide comprehensive disaster recovery services to our clients. We give you complete confidence in your data recovery by storing your data in three places:

  1. The original server with mirror drives or RAID capabilities
  2. A locally stored Storagecraft backup for instant restores
  3. An offsite backup of Storagecraft files in case of total disaster recovery needs.

Our team of IT professionals will work diligently with you to find out the specific needs of your company. By identifying the risk of loss for your operations, including financial, functional, and reputational, we will create a plan of action to assure everything is accounted in your disaster recovery solution.

Eliminate operation interruptions caused by disasters with CTO Networks’s first class business continuity solutions. Give us a call at (214) 793-0356 or send an email to to find out more on how CTO Networks can help you plan for the future.

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