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CTO Networks’ mission is to set small business owners up for success by unlocking the potential of their business through the advanced use of technology.

The key to our business relationships is collaboration–we have a lot of experience consulting with small business owners on IT and other business issues.  We WANT to be involved in strategic decisions, assisting the owner in building the best business they can.  Only a few years ago, a business owner might get by with doing his own IT, or with occasional outside assistance from tech enthusiasts. Today, the small business owner needs an advisor who has knowledge and experience in the incredible myriad of technical choices (and the costs associated with them).

Dan Welty, company founder, has founded 6 companies over time (the first in 1981) in both advertising/marketing and technology. Fourteen years ago he formed CTO Networks to bring a high level of IT knowledge, experience and service to small businesses–the same services the big companies get, delivered with business goals in mind. CTO Networks started with two break-fix clients and has steadily grown through referrals from our existing clients. From that small start, CTO Networks has innovated and grown to service many clients in many industries in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We were among the first to offer managed services beginning in 2005, and have steadily grown our service offering as clients needed it. In 2010, Dan co-founded CTO Telecom, a sister company to provide VOIP telephone services for our clients.

This company (CTO Networks) is the ultimate expression of American enterprise–the freedom to start and run a business, serving clients in ways that align with our set of core values.  We may have missed opportunities over the years because we wouldn’t take shortcuts, and because we wouldn’t lie to our clients and decided to forgo explosive growth over a huge debt load.  We’ve been here 13 years, and we’ve seen many in our field come and go.

CTO Networks and its sister company CTO Telecom have developed a great set of IT services and processes for serving clients. We have invested heavily in tools to deliver best in class services to our customers in remote management and maintenance, virtual technologies, backup and disaster recovery and cybersecurity–and that’s not going to change. We constantly evaluate new vendors and products to make sure our clients get outstanding business value from what’s available in the marketplace–especially new emerging technologies. New technologies allow us to deliver even better performance, security and profit potential to our clients–and we want to do that as long as the technology brings business value to that client.  We are currently helping several clients move from the “network behind a firewall” model to being fully based in the Cloud.  We’ve seen incredible changes in the last 13 years, and expect just as many innovations in the next 13 years. We are excited and prepared for that new future.

One of our main focuses for clients is their relief. We work to relieve small business owners of worry — worry about whether they’ve made the right decision when buying a server, worry about whether the network will be down for days, worry about backups being made and the thousand other worrisome details of IT. We’re proud to offer what we call the “Reader’s Digest” version of IT status. While most small business owners want to spend time in their business, making money the way they know how and not on IT matters, some may want details and we’re happy to oblige.

CTO Networks places a high value internally on technicians that can diagnose and solve technical issues quickly yet still work well in face-to-face situations with clients.. Our technicians aim to put a “permanent” solution in place, not just a band-aid patch, meaning business owners get more value because employees are able to remain productive, and they also get more value for an hourly rate because we get more done in an hour. Furthermore, we understand that at least some decision making has to be made by anyone who is in direct contact with clients, and as such we instill values and teach consultative techniques to ALL employees, including our technicians.

We have always placed high regard on our set of values–core values that guide us in business and life every day. In the end, we focus on these main ideals at each level of our company and in every interaction we have with clients:

  1. Service to clients – we exist as a company to service client needs and that remains our main purpose.
  2. Be awesome – We think clients and employees are unique individuals, each with some incredible talent or skill that shouldn’t be squashed, but nourished and allowed to flourish.
  3. We all need a little grace – we believe that treating one another with respect is the foundation of everything we do. We respect clients and employees and expect them to respect us as well.
  4. Owner’s responsibilities – Because we are so deeply involved in our client’s business, they would suffer (if only for a little while) if we went away. It’s the owner’s responsibility to protect CTO Networks assets and operate with care and consideration toward our financial performance.

The tagline we use is “Helping Small Business Manage Technology”…and that’s always been our goal. Get in touch with CTO Networks to learn more about our comprehensive IT solutions and how we can help your DFW area business. Contact us today at 214-793-0356 or send us an email at info@ctonetworks.com. 

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