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CTO Networks offers an exceptional level of service with the CTO Service Desk.

The CTO Service Desk enables us to provide our clients with the fast and efficient IT support they require, both remotely and in-person.

Our technicians are Dallas-based and are hand-picked not only for their exceptional skill-set and knowledge of all things IT but also for their ability to communicate effectively while working quickly to diagnose and resolve network and software issues.

What Can I Expect From The CTO Help Desk?

  • Quick response times and fast resolutions of support requests and technical issues.
  • Careful diagnosis of issues as well as attempts to remotely resolve the issue before sending a tech on-site.
  • Effective dispatching and adequate availability of technicians to visit on-site when required.
  • Service technicians that spend their time monitoring, executing maintenance, and gathering reports on your networks, servers, and PCs when not directly working with a customer.

CTO Networks believes that as many as 90% of incoming service requests can be resolved remotely by the skilled technician on duty. However, sometimes issues require on-site repair, and a technician will need to visit in order to remedy. We strive to resolve the majority of on-site visits in an efficient and effective manner, allowing you to get back to what’s most important as quickly as possible.

You can reach one of our expert technicians Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, for friendly and knowledgeable IT support. Our goal is to answer your call immediately, or your email within minutes, to begin diagnosing and resolving your issue as soon as possible. Our CTO Service Desk is just one way we are working to provide you with the best IT solutions and support for your investment.

To learn more about the CTO Help Desk and the other industry-leading solutions and services we offer contact CTO Networks at (214) 793-0356 or email us directly at

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